16th April 2015

Albatross Neck

31st March 2015

Leaving Cosy Nook 

The day has come to sell up at Cosy Nook. This will happen over the coming months. Ownership is the wrong word for a piece of wild coastline like this being in your life. We have joked about our own private beach but it has felt that way!

Cosy 4

Cosy 2

It’s more of a deep privilege to be daily part of the rocks and sea and trees. It really unquestionably belongs to the birds. More off shore islands provide homes for seabirds – mainly karoro, terns and two species of shags. There are spectacular swarming of titi (mutton birds) diving before you. Spotted shags gathering seaweed at nesting time. It gets under your skin. You feel alive.

I’d like to acknowledge our highland cattle for their quiet munching lives and the soft eyes of our Orpington chooks. For us Cosy Nook has been a nature sanctuary.

We will leave here full of memories of campfires on the beach, excited visitors and family gatherings but of course someone else will now have an opportunity to take up the challenge this southern life style represents.It’s hard to imagine a more exciting place for people, for poets, for musicians, for children into rocks and islands, for anyone open to nature. It’s been so inspirational to me as an artist and a defining experience. A dramatic situation of seascapes and big skies, A sheltered and intimate pastoral sanctuary next to bush capped Pahia hill.

Cosy 3

Nigel & Sue

24th February 2015

Nature of Freedom

Nature of Freedom (2014), Acrylic on canvas, 2940mm x 1950mm

Nature of Freedom

This large loose canvas was finished in 2014 and taken down to be rolled and sent recently for showing at the National Portrait Gallery in Wellington. Tranquillity Disturb’d is a three person show with Lisa Reihana and Gavin Hurley.

I’m pleased to honour a few poets and the concept of freedom for writers and poets. I also assert the freedom for artists to push boundaries, surprise, alarm and stimulate. Whatever the shabby politics of the day, the threats to nature, the crass cynicism, there are creative beings with plenty to offer. In the now and in the past they inspire.

This canvas is also a lead into my one-man show Albatross Neck coming up at Artis in Auckland.

8th December 2014

Intuitive Mind cover


Released this month via Cosy Nook Press Ltd is Nigel Brown’s first self-published book in many years – Intuitive Mind. A limited edition collection of drawings with an introduction by Nigel Brown, Intuitive Mind explores instinct, the heart, and spontaneity through a series of bold pen-on-paper drawings. Intuitive Mind was printed and bound in an edition of 150 in Dunedin. To request a copy for $25 (including postage), email us at contact@nigelbrown.co.nz

27th November 2014

27th November

I’m looking out my studio window in the wettest November. The objects on the sill are what I do to amuse myself when not painting. Somewhere we have our Sebastopol goose in hiding trying again with eggs. In the chook house on the earth floor part we have an Orpington hen sitting on eggs also. Grass is growing relentlessly. From the south the wind whips the sea.

17th September 2014

Museum of the Vernacular

5th September 2014

For Away and Towards, his May 2014 exhibition of selected works at Milford Galleries Dunedin, Nigel gave a floor talk on specific paintings within the show. This was filmed, and we’re happy to share it below.

31st August 2014

Sustainability Mural

A couple of months ago I completed a mural in one of our paddocks over looking a nearby bay that over the last ten years has been steadily eroding. Sue and I have opposed a sea wall along the coastline of Mullet Rd, and submitted numerously against it. The whole process was flawed and in the long term not viable because the surrounding cliffs will continue to collapse. The road will be threatened again in the near future. Even though the sea wall is going ahead we felt we managed some minor protection and stringent monitoring.

It was certainly an eye opener to the limitations of local coastal management and total disregard for coastal eco systems.

Sustainable 1


Sustainable 2




Sustainable 3